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What is an Annual Physical?

A Complete Physical Exam is different than an Office Visit.

There is a difference between a routine office visit and a physical exam and your insurance company is very particular about this. The Affordable Care Act details what is considered Preventive Services. Here's a good rule of thumb: "If you discuss symptoms at your physical you may be subject to a copay and deductible."

A physical, now called ''Wellness Visit' by the insurance companies, is a PREVENTATIVE visit and includes a whole body exam, medication review, medical history review; vaccine, lab and pertinent age appropriate studies. (e.g. colonoscopy, mammogram, dexa). Please bring and updated Medication List, include all medications, supplements, vitamins including herbal remedies.

Physicals cannot be performed during a new patient visit.

A routine office visit is the time to discuss your current health concerns, or ongoing treatment of chronic medical conditions. Unfortunately due to new insurance coverage limitations on most patients' plans, an office visit and a complete physical exam cannot be combined on the same visit.

Can I Have Physical at First Appointment
The short answer is no. Your initial appointment is an opportunity to meet with the doctor, discuss ongoing medical issues, gather family health history, review medications, obtain detailed personal information and get records from previous physicians. This appointment occupies a full 30 minutes and does not leave time for a typical physical. You can however schedule your 30 minute physical following your appointment.
Are Physicals Covered by Insurance?

Due to the complexity and variety of insurance policies, Kassay Family Medicine cannot be responsible for knowing every patient's coverage. It is very important for you to know the details of your policy. However, under the new healthcare laws, many insurers are required to cover certain preventive services at no cost to you. Do not postpone 'standard' care awaiting your physical. Your insurance company may determine your appointment is an office visit and bill you for the copay and deductible.

Think of it this way; Your annual physical is your opportunity to meet with your doctor for 30 minutes and focus on how to be healthy in the future! It is a wonderful benefit but requires a change in thinking. Bringing "Your List" to go over with the doctor once a year is not what the Health Care Reform covers.

Prescription Refills

Call your pharmacy and have them send a refill request. Even if you no longer have refills available, call your pharmacist first. The medical assistant will receive the request from the pharmacy and present it to the physician.

If your refill requires an appointment, the medical assistant will call you to schedule an office visit.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for refills.

How to most efficiently refill your prescriptions

Sports Physical

Schools require 'sport physicals' for athletic programs. These might not be covered by your insurance. It is a good idea to work with our scheduling department and try to orchestrate the annual physical with the sport physical. Don't forget to bring necessary forms to the appointment pre-filled out if possible.

Sports physicals that are not part of an annual exam will likely be 100% patient paid with no insurance benefit.

How Long is a Physical (Annual Wellness)?
30 minutes.
What is an Office visit?

Most appointments will be office visits. This an opportunity to discuss new or existing problems, prescribe and review medications, order necessary procedures, and orchestrate treatment/consultations with specialists.

Missed Appointment

Your appointment is a reservation for you. Missing an appointment, or not giving 24 hours advance notice of a change, denies other patients the opportunity to visit the doctor. With the new health-care realities, starting 2013 we will be sharing the financial expense of missed appointments. A missed office visit will result in a $25 fee. A missed physical is a $50 fee. Missing a new patient appointment will result require a deposit to reschedule.

We realize this is a departure from historical medical clinic practice and may not be well received. Appreciating the impact of an entire clinic reserved for your 30 minute appointment is a major commitment.

We continue to provide appointment reminder calls that will give you more than 24 hours should you need to reschedule without a fee.

Skin Care Recommendations

Many patients ask Dr. Kassay what she uses for skin care products. After years of trial and error, Dr. Kassay feels confident in a few products . She prefers products without a myriad of complex steps. Products that are medically sound and include active ingredients. She does not believe in spending money for glycerine, oil and fragrance.

For your convenience, Dr. Kassay has worked with to make these products convenient and most at a discount to you.

Link to Amazon listings

Billing Insurance
As a courtesy, Kassay Family Medicine will bill health insurers. However, the patient must understand, they are ultimately responsible for all fees for services rendered and products. If the primary insurance does not pay within 60 days of the visit, the remaining balance will be billed or charged to the credit card on file.
There is no guarantee, stated or implied, that all services or procedures will be covered by the patient’s insurance. Kassay Family Medicine does not know the intricacies of every insurance policy and how they may or may not adhere to the tenants of Medicine. It is the insured’s responsibility for knowing insurance benefits and guidelines. Just because insurance isn’t covering a procedure or service is not evidence it is unnecessary.
No Insurance
We accept ‘cash pay’. Payment is due at the time of visit, we do not extend credit. We will do our best to estimate the cost of the visit based on complexity.
Dr. Kassay does not practice Emergency Room Medicine. Unlike many Urgent Care facilities, Dr. Kassay requires you become an established patient first. (If you have a current condition, it can be addressed during your initial visit.) This does make the initial appointment more expensive but once established, your long term wellbeing will be the focus and not a quick-fix of your current illness. Our cash patient fees for establishing and long term care are comparable to popular urgent care facilities.

The New Patient Establish Visit is 30 minutes. During this appointment your medical history, family medical history, current conditions, current medication and a physical review of systems. Once you are established, you will be eligible for same-day appointments with Doctor Kassay.




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Scheduling Times:


Office Visit:
0-3 business days

New Patient:
2 weeks - 1 month
This does extend as we get closer to the end of the year.
If you have a flexible schedule we can get you on a waiting list for cancellations.

Annual Wellness (Physical):
2-3 months.
You can plan
for a complete physical exam or well child check yearly.
Bring updated Medication List.

Urgent Care:
We have several same day appointments. Call early and leave a message if before 8am.